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Thanasis Polychronakis

1137 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thanasis Polychronakis 1137 days ago
  • Participants: Thanasis Polychronakis, Stefanos Togoulidis, John Economou, Stavros Korokithakis, Alexis Natsios
  • email MAKE for presentation Gismo + Projector
Thanasis P
  • Add OFA meetup organizers list
  • Blast email sto meetup organizers list for presentations 
  • Deadline Tuesday
  • Ultimate fallback the team cards
  • Ask to restrict to 3' presentations
  • Contact Michalopoulos, get time of presentation
  • Volunteer Thodoris to sell t-shirts
  • Team Badges
  • Stefanos
  • Collect info from new teams for team cards
  • Economou
  • Contact Feast for lightning talk
1181 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thanasis Polychronakis , hsoc 1181 days ago
  • Friday Nov 07
  • General event layout
  • New teams
  • Existing teams [optional] retrospective
  • Time per presentation
Thanasis P
  • TBD based on participations
  • Default Presentation (one for all)
  • Stefanos / Ntempos
  • Share drive for all --> automate procedure
  • Event Branding
  • Single Page url
  • Event Posters
  • Hashtag
  • ????? NEED TO DECIDE (should include skg/thessaloniki in my book)
  • Video Recording
Thanasis P
  • Call for equipment
  • CAMCORDER (video capture) /w audio IN for sound from console
  • thanpolas 
  • Talk to existing teams - set a deadline for participation
  • Update static webpage /together
  • /together-apr-2014
  • All
  • Search for gear (camcorder)
  • Design
  • Single [landing] page view
  • Poster
  • Newsletter
1287 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thanasis Polychronakis 1287 days ago
1300 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thanasis Polychronakis 1300 days ago
Thanasis P SKGTech WiFi
Thursday, 22 May, 6pm. Thanasis Polychronakis, Tom Papadopoulos, George Antoniadis
  • Technical Solution
  • 8port+ Switch
  • Wire (UTP cat5) for the hotspots
  • We provide our own NAT!
  • WPA2
  • SSID key: 12345678
  • Get offers for Tech Specs H/W
  • Measure length and cost of UTP
  • Contacts for municipality IT
  • What type and speed of internet do we have? (Syzeujis)
  • What ports are blocked?
  • Do you have ethernet cable inventory?
  • Is the municipality service able to do the Wiring?
  • We manage the infrastructure!
1328 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Thanasis Polychronakis 1328 days ago
  • Εξωστρέφια, εκτεθείτε, πείτε γεια, γνωριστήτε
  • thanpolas Contact teams with details:
  • Prep starts 6:00 sharp! (lanyards give out)
  • Bacharakis Video Save & Stream (Stream optional)
  • Ethernet 20m
  • Sound Cable 20m (karfi / karfi) + adaptors to RCA
  • Twitter / other social (?)
  • Bacharakis Contact vodafone - 
  • Cellular signal 
  • Sponsoring gia free WiFi
  • Bacharakis Event Posters
Thanasis P
  • Size: 50x70

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